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Spring 2012 Seminars

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Catalyst Synthesis by Atomic Layer Deposition

Peter Stair
Professor of Chemistry
Director, Center for Catalysis and Surface Science
Northwestern University

Thursday, April 19th
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
102 Chemistry Building

Global legislature for commercial heavy-duty trucks to meet lower emissions standards since 2004 has increased activity in designing efficient transmission and rear axle drivelines for improved fuel economy. This presentation discusses setting up an axle efficiency test methodology, simulating line-haul duty cycles in rear axle gear boxes for commercial trucks. Sample axle efficiency data will be presented from the axle efficiency test stand simulating the fuel consumption SAE J1321 procedure for commercial line-haul applications. Confirmation of the axle lubricantís fuel consumption in several commercial heavy-duty trucks will be presented to confirm methodology. Results from axle efficiency and commercial truck fuel consumption tests collectively, show versatility of adopting the proposed fuel economy evaluation methodology for commercial trucks using any variety of duty cycles.

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