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Reimbursements can be obtained when a purchase was made using personal funds for University work.

Please see Tammy Parrett (133 Fenske Lab) if you want to make a purchase over $50 and cannot use one of the following:

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchasing Card
  • Limited Order

Petty Cash

  • Under $50.
  • No entertainment or Group Meal expenses.
  • Must have receipt.

Group Meals

  • A Group Meal takes the place of a meal while conducting University business.
  • More than one person.
  • Must have itemized receipt.
  • Complete Group Meal Form.
  • Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased for events involving University guests. See Policy FNG06 for details.

One Day Meals

Complete for same day travel using the One Day Meal Form.


  • University business related expenses.
  • Complete Employee Travel Reimbursement Form.pdf
    (Updated on 01/02/13)

    or Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form.pdf
    (Updated on 01/02/13)

  • When using personal funds must have receipts for all expenses, including taxi, with the exception of meals, meters, tolls, baggage storage, phone calls, and similar low cost items. When using a Pcard for expenses, ALL receipts must be kept.
  • Meals must be equal or less than Per Diem.
  • In the past the policy stated that we only needed to provide the names of the attendees if there were 12 or fewer. However, the policy now states the following:

    "The documentation supporting a business group meal must include the names of those attending and the purpose of the meal. Itemized receipts are required for all business group meals." - Added on 08/10/11

Visit Form

For non-PSU employees seeking reimbursement for any of the above.

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