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Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry


Dow Professor James Vrentas | Research

  • Diffusion in polymers.
    • Theoretical analysis of Fickian diffusion.
    • Theoretical analysis of non-Fickian diffusion.
    • Theory of diffusion and antiplasticization in glassy polymers.
    • Sorption in glassy polymers.
  • Polymer Rheology.
    • Solution of non-Newtonian flow problems.
    • Formulation of rheological constitutive equations.
    • Study of strain-coupling effects in nonlinear viscoelasticity.
  • Mathematical analysis of bifurcation and stability in free convection.
  • Formulation of perturbation solutions of moving boundary problems.
  • Analysis of laminar flows of Newtonian fluids.
  • Development of solutions for diffusion-reaction problems.
  • Analysis of transport effects in low pressure CVD reactors.
  • Mathematical analysis of laminar dispersion in a tube.
  • Diffusion controlled polymer dissolution and drug release.

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