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Henry C. Foley | Graduate Theses

  • Stevens, M.G., "Cesium in Nanoporous Carbon:  Structural Rearrangements and C-C Bond Formation" (Ph.D., September 1999).
  • Acharya, M., "Supported Nanoporous Carbon Membranes, Preparation, Application and Modeling" (Ph.D., December 1998).
  • Kane, M.S., "Structure, Properties and Adsorptive Application of Polymer-Derived CMB"  (In Preparation)
  • Murü Tü, "Synthesis , Characterization and Catalysis of Rhodium-Molybdenum Bimetallic Catalysts and Related Metal-Oxide Catalysts for Oxygenate Synthesis" (Ph.D., April 1996).
  • Eric E. Lowenthal, "Bimetallic and Metal-Support Interactions in Rhodium-Molybdenum/Gamma-Alumina and Their Influence on Oxygenate Synthesis" (Ph.D., October 1995).
  • Stephen M. Casey, "Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Ultrafine-Particle Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction" (Ph.D., October 1995).
  • Brenda A. Raich, "Implications of Kinetics for Selectivity and Conversion Enhancement in Palladium Membrane Reactors" (Ph.D., October 1995).
  • Vinayak P. Sheony, "Physical and Chemical Phenomena in Arc Synthesis of Fullerenes" (M.S., September 1993).
  • Andrew Addie, "The Effect of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Properties on the Structure of Carbogenic Molecular Sieves" (M.S., August 1993).
  • Ravindra K. Mariwala, "Microporous Carbogenic Materials:  Synthesis, Characterization and Engineering for Adsorption and Catalysis" (Ph.D., July 1993).
  • Brenda A. Raich, "Kinetic Sensitivity of Palladium Membrane Reactors" (M.S., December 1992).
  • David S. Lafyatis, "The Design and Synthesis of Carbon Molecular Sieve Catalysts for Shape Selective Catalysis" (Ph.D., June 1992).
  • Khushrav E. Nariman, "Engineering Design and Analysis of Low-Pressure Diamond with Novel Applications" (Ph.D., May 1992).
  • Sourav K. Sengupta, "Design and Analysis of a Fast Flow Plasma Reactor for Materials Chemistry and Processing" (Ph.D., November 1991).
  • Akira Saito, "Models for Adsorptive Characterization of Fluid Cracking Catalysts" (M.S. May 1990).

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