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7. AIChE 100 Modern Chemical Engineers

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100 Modern Chemical Engineers

During October 2008 AIChE released their list of the top 100 modern chemical engineers (see The AIChE 100 Chemical Engineerings of the Modern Era.pdf). Several of these individuals have very strong Penn State connections. Of the 24 individuals recognized for Leadership, 3 are Penn State alumni.

William Joyce - Previously Chairman and CEO of Union Carbide, Recipient of the National Medal of Technology.

John (Jack) McWhirter - recognized for invention, development, and commercialization of the Unox system for secondary wastewater treatment.

George Keller - earned his M.S. In 1958 and his PhD in 1964, both from our Department. George received the ChE Outstanding Engineering Alumnus Award from Penn State in 1989.

In addition, the group recognized for Achievement includes Arthur Humphrey and David Edwards, both former faculty members in our Department.

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