Department of

Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry


1. College of Engineering Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award

The Penn State Outstanding Engineering Alumni Awards recognize graduates who have reached exceptional levels of professional achievement. This annual tradition of honoring our outstanding alumni began in 1966.

2. Department of Chemical Engineering Early Career Alumni Recognition Award

The Department of Chemical Engineering and the Chemical Engineering Affiliate Program Group has developed an Early Career Recognition Alumni Award to recognize and honor one outstanding Penn State Chemical Engineering Alumni annually at the outset of their career.

3. College of Engineering Alumni Spotlight

  • College of Engineering piece highlighting the accomplishments of a different
    engineering alumnus each month.

    View our alumni stories. - Updated on 08/16/12

4. The Penn State Alumni Association Alumni Fellows Award

The Alumni Fellows Award is the most prestigious award given by the Penn State Alumni Association. Administered in association with Penn State's academic colleges, recipients return to campus to share their knowledge and expertise with the University community.

5. The Pennsylvania State University Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award recognizes recent alumni, 35 years of age and younger who demonstrate that Penn State alumni succeed in exceptional fashion at an early age in their careers.

6. World-Class Engineer Alumni Award

Presented to "acknowledge and honor the achievements of Penn State Engineering graduates in the early to middle years of their careers." The award is given by the Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education at Penn State.

7. AIChE 100 Modern Chemical Engineers

During Fall 2008 AIChE came out with their list of the AIChE 100 "Chemical Engineerings of the Modern Era" list. Several of these individuals have very strong Penn State connections.

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