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Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry

Chemical Engineering 300

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This course is a series of lectures and discussions given by visiting engineers from industry and faculty on various areas such as chemical engineering, energy and fuels egineering, job selection, patents, liscensing, ethics, and other professional problems. A member of the Chemical Engineering or Fuel Science faculty will be a faculty host for each lecture. As this is a lecture series, all cell phones will be turned off and put away along with all newspapers, magazines and other homework. You are expected to treat these visitors with the utmost respect (including no side conversations). If you are caught being disrespectful in any way, your attendance will not count that day.

Attendance for this class also will be based on your handling in a small critique form after each lecture. Please Note: You cannot just put down the title or a part thereof in the space "What the Lecture was About" and expect that to suffice for an answer. The form must be critiqued with more than a sentence stating what you thought the speaker was trying to get across. This critique must be handed in before leaving the class. If you do not hand in a survey, you will be marked absent. Absolutely no late critiques will be accepted.

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