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Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry

Photo of faculty member Ronald Danner.

Professor Emeritus Ronald Danner

Ph.D. - Lehigh University

Office: 163 Fenske Laboratory

Phone: (814) 863-4814


Labs: 168 and 180 Fenske Laboratory

168 Lab Phone: (814) 865-1642

180 Lab Phone: (814) 863-4538

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Research Summary

Our research efforts are focused on the study of phase equilibria and diffusion behavior in polymer-solvent systems. We concentrate on the development of improved measurement techniques and prediction methods. We attempt to use the theories of molecular behavior and statistical thermodynamics to provide the practicing engineer with the most efficient and accurate methods to deal with important, recurring problems involving phase equilibria and diffusion. In order to evaluate current theories and pro-duce better models, accurate and well-documented experimental data are required. Read More

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